There are only 170 days until the 2020 elections, and everyone will be voting before no time and you are sure to see a few storylines develop in the next week. Here is a brief introduction to the stories to keep a watch on this week for the US elections in 2020.

The conventions

With the public health experts warning the large scale gathering of the concerts of the sporting events which can help increase pressure on the two political parties to reconsider the idea of the national hosting party this summer. The Democratic National Committee voted to help approve the alternative methods to cast the votes from the nominee and the party convention which includes the possibility of casting the ballots virtually. This is one of the best ways to look into getting the voting process done from home. The democrats are in the edge towards virtual convention who cannot refuse to the even acknowledge to the possible that cancellation is a possibility.

Silent Biden

Silent Biden

We are six months away from the November elections were Joe Biden can’t seem to break his silence on all the coronavirus at all-time coverage. Biden has largely holed up in his Delaware home which conducted the interviews by raising money from the basement. Biden does not have any hands-on influence on the federal or state response to the pandemic. He is left to offer the right policy proposals and criticisms of the current administration, which winds up getting lost in the churn of the news cycle.

The number of coronavirus cases

For the longest time, the number of coronaviruses looked good as they were put to be less bad. The number of new coronavirus cases confirmed that the United States has steadily declined in recent days. This can be a week where these people we able to find out if the trump was right. The incubation period of the coronavirus was seven and14 days, and there are many who expect that a second surge is coming.

Trump pressures Senate on Russia

Senate on Russia

Despite the fact, the former Present Barack Obama has a higher ranking government officials who were involved in the plot to hamstring his presidency. Trump looks quite poised, which pressing the Republicans to do something. Graham, the chairman of the Committee rejected the ideas stating that it can be a bad precedent to compel to a former president to come before congress. Trump was unbowed with it over the weekend, which later added by tweeting the Senate to be presenting as the Russian collusion hoax never occurred. With the obsession over the ideas that he is the victim of the broader conspiracy.


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